Borderless Culture

Mara Maciel

A country’s culture broadcasting and promotion significantly builds up the country’s image in the rest of the world. Indeed, it works as an ambassador of that territory as well as allows a borderless gaze.

"2 Fly" by José Santos.

«2 Fly» by José Santos.

The promotion of the work of Mexican creators abroad, from abroad finally contributes to render a positive image that we wish for our country in the world. Mexico has been aim of the news from some years ago indeed, unfortunately this is due to the cruelty and violence that has been in the headlines of the media, these made us interact with gruesome and tragic scenes of men and women abused and violated. However, our country has experienced a remarkable production of cultural and artistic goods as an answer to this violence, and it is clear that the cultural politics of Mexico bets on social transformation through culture.

Technology plays a fundamental role, as it provides bringing up new audiences and possibilities for the artist’s works promotion. Nonetheless, the work of a cultural promoter from abroad can create immediate bonds with cultural and educative institutions, she facilitates independent spaces that allow the permanent interchange of the work of creators and artists.

In a recent interview Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, Minister of Conaculta (Mexico’s ministry of culture) pointed out: “our country needs to rank better, as we see that there is an international economic landscape of interest where Mexico can hold a place. The cultural side ought to be part of the strategy.”

We aim to create the networks that make possible the broadcasting and proyection of the lavish Mexican culture in the world and for the world; this implies the expansion of cultural knowledge beyond borders and that other countries are entitled to know too.

Translated from Spanish by Dr. Paniel Reyes Cárdenas.

Mara Maciel is Mexican, a dance and theatre artist. She is graduated as licentiate on Hispanic American Language and Literature. She has been sponsored by the Program of Support to Artistic Creation and Development and the Program of Support to Artistic and Cultural Promotion by which she attended the Programme of Training in Professional Creole Ballet in 2007-8 in Toronto, Canada. She is currently sub-Director of Cultural Promotion of Tijuana Cultural Centre, Mexico.

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